Is Glass Material effect (and other such shaders) Unity Pro only? Is there any way to code it ourselves within Unity?

I just read a post from about 2011 where someone was trying to get there model from Blender , with Glass material nodes etc into Unity.
He found that it wasnt possible to export that information from Blender and so it needed to be done within Unity and after he tried for several days he concluded that he wasnt able to do it in Unity.

Eventually an admin type member came in to assist and informed him that transparency shaders are Unity Pro only feature.

Im still very new to using materials etc and just starting to really develop some nice stuff recently. Im actually thinking all i need to crack was adding such things as transparent materials and cloth materials etc into my game to make it feel really quite nice.

So before I spend many days trying to figure it out I though id better ask here to see if such things is possible . (My game is extremely unlikely to make me £100,000 this year :confused: (Sadly :})

First of all “transparency shaders” never was a pro only feature. That would be crazy. Though certain effects that required a RenderTexture weren’t possible with the free / personal version of Unity back than. However since Unity 5.x all Unity versions have the same features. The only real differences are:

  • The dark editor skin is still a pro / plus feature
  • To be able to remove / replace the Unity splash screen you also need at least Unity plus or pro.

Besides that the personal / free version has the same features. Unity is an engine in the first place. It ships some standard assets but that’s not the point of the engine. Simple basic glass-like material can be created with the standard shader.

However Unity also ships an actual glass shader that does refraction. See this blog