Is having sub-meshes less efficient than one big mesh in an imported model?


Is there any difference in efficiency in Unity between having a model as 5 submeshes, or having them already combined in the source model? (Given that they all use the same material)

When using a texture atlas, there are parts of the model that need to tile a small section of the texture. Am I right in thinking that my choices are:

  1. subdivide that part of the model so each small poly can be UV'd to the section I want, or,
  2. separate that part of the model into a separate mesh so that I can tell it to tile in Unity

Option 1 means more polys, or option 2 means more meshes, hence my question to establish which is most likely to be more efficient.


I recommend you having 1 big mesh because you can work easily whith it, if you have a lot of them it maybe cause some troubles to you.

But be carefull if the mesh have animations, I recomend having submeshes.

Good Luck FourSheds