Is IgnoreCollision manual api description error ?

the api description ignorecollision is that the system collision detection ignore all the collisions between collider1 and collider2 . i create a scene, make three cube with rigibody and collider. one of the start cube attach a script that move toward to end cube. the thrid cube is in the middle of of the path. i use ingorcollision with start and end cube. the start cube still collid with middle, and ignore collider with end cube.
i think the method above description should be that ignore just the collider between collider1 and collider2 ,rather than all the collisions . does anyone agree with me ?

You are interpreting the API description a little wrong. The function will make Collider1 ignore any collisions it may have with Collider2, it will NOT ignore collisions happening with other colliders in the actual space between the two colliders. I agree the description can be interpreted both ways, but it is still a legitimate way of describing it. When reading further it explains: “This is most useful for making eg. projectiles not collide with the object shooting them.”, which makes the intention clearer.