Is Internet connection needed for network game?

I am working on the game which is already finished. I have two exe file for them. Now these two need to run on two different PCs and both are in the network. I can run the game properly if I have internet connected. But they can’t run if I have not attached to the external internet. The application runs but no communication.

So is it external internet required to run even LAN game? If no then let me know the APIs we can use.

Thanks in advance.

If you use a Master Server, you need an internet connection, because the master server is somewhere on Unity’s servers. Then everything you send runs over the master server (I think), you don’t have direct connections between the players.

If you want to use pure local connections, you have first to detect the other players by other means (i.e. the host does UDP broadcasting, the others listen to that, and connect), or simply connect to them by using the direct IP. Then you have a direct connection between host and clients.

Thats two entirely different approaches for detecting other players and connecting (and the cause why most games have a choice between “Internet Game” and “LAN game”).