Is it a BUG? Cursor Lock FS Mode in Mac Safari

Hi I working on a project for university (I am a photographer so no expert) and I can get the cursor lock to hide the cursor and have cross hairs in editor, works on internet explorer (old version, not tried newer yet) and on the Mac Firefox, and Opera are fine and dandy but Safari just won't lock and the circle that I have for cross hairs follows the cursor.

So is this must a bug either in the compiling script for Safari or maybe something Apple has done with Safari. I could do with some help.

The best way I found was just to have a JS on the First Person Controller with a single line of code:

Screen.lockCursor = true;

then to turn it off and on:

GameObject.Find("FPC").GetComponent("LockCursorNew").enabled = false; GameObject.Find("FPC").GetComponent("LockCursorNew").enabled = true;

One really good news is though I have figured out how to get the best fullscreen mode without any aspect problems so now beautiful webstream wether on 14" laptop (4:3) or 19"Mac (16:9) so I am pleased with that one.

Yes, this is a known bug with Unity in Safari 4 on Mac OS X 10.6. It will be fixed in the next release.