Is it advisable to apply forces and rotations on a same object?

Hi,Lets say one wants to work on a kinda hovercraft or a helicopter, I found it a bit odd to apply rotations and forces at the same time, cause with considering the 6 degrees of freedom, I applied the Roll,Yaw,Pitch using transform.Rotate but for moving up/down,forw/back,left/right i applied rigidbody.AddForce. you can see conflicts between force and rotation, as if the helicopter shivers on turning to sides or moving forward/back. So what is the best way of doing this? is there any way to get rid of the shivering or i should totally work with only one system. either rotation or force? thanks,

Generally it is not advisable to mix physics motion (forces, torque, etc), with direct manipulation of the object's transform.

I think you should probably be using AddTorque to add rotational force to your helicopter.

it's better to use torque but if you need to directly modify the position/rotation of rigidbodies, first of all do it in FixedUpdate and not Update to interact properly with other physics methods and objects and use Rigidbody.MoveRotation rotating them and Rigidbody.MovePosition for moving them. even move kinematic (i.e isKinematic set to true) rigidbodies with these methods to make them interact correctly and even apply friction.