Is it bad to have this many materials?

I have 4 materials, pretty small res per human model. Is that too much, how bad is that to do?

I don’t have time to UVW map so I do it like that… and also because my game is based on models being multi purpose as in interchangeable like in Borderlands… and they need to be able to change colors part by part basis.

So yeah, will that kill the cpu? The game is open world and rather complicated coding wise. Like vehicles are somewhat realistic, many weapon types etc. Poly count for player model for example is 2000 +…

So yeah, 4 materials for a humanoid model with low res like 512*512 texture size. Is that too much? Can I push it to more?

Need to know… Thanks.

Texture Atlasing will enable you to share a material between many objects and still display different textures on a number of them. This will help you to batch materials and save on cpu.

If you are looking at component based objects you may want to look in to mesh joining. This will reduce object count and help support Atlasing.

Really though, modern PC will not have a problem given the figures you have given.

Vastly depends what hardware you’re aiming for. For a modern PC, 2000 polys is pretty low, and 512x512 for a texture even more so. 4 materials isn’t too bad, so you should be okay. If you’re aiming for mobile, however, then I doubt it’s going to work out well.