Is it feasible to hide the password and serial key when activating a license from the command line

I am developing an automation tool for Unity, one of the tool features I was asked to implement is to activate the Unity on their PC.

The command line is the best option for me according to the guide (Manage your license | Unity Hub | 3.0) through, I need to hide some sensitive values (eg. the user’s password and their serial key).

Is it possible to hide them from the command line?
As we can easily see the external arguments passed to an executable through task manager such as Process Explorer, I basically want to avoid them shown to the users.

I have no idea how to do that but I can just suggest just this, I hope I’ll help somehow

 string shownPassword;
 string password;

OnInputEnter() // I suppose there is a thing like this
      password += input.text.Substring(inputField.text.Length-1);
      password = password.Substring(0, inputField.text.Length);
      shownPassword = "";
      foreach(Char c in password)
             shownPassword += '*';
      inputFIeld.text = shownPassword