Is it fine to use Uv this large in unity?

hi all i make my mesh object in blender and since transparent cant be baked i decide to just import the mesh like this in unity.
but it make me have a question, is it fine for unity if i’m use mesh with uv like this?
is it causing performance decreasing or will make some error?

anyone know?

Performance wise you won’t see any difference at all. Keep in mind that the texture need to use the wrap mode repeat.

The only potential issues you might run into is slightly degrading precision of the coordinates. Keep in mind that floating point numbers have the highest precision between 0 and 1. However you are still quite close to the origin so this shouldn’t really make any difference in this case. It looks like your coordinates on the V axis (y axis) goes up to 4 and down to about -5.

Have a look at my floating point precision table over here. Since we are at max in the 4-8 range the smallest representable difference would be around 0.0000005. That means if you have a texture size of 1024 you still get about 1953 subdivisions per texel (pixel). You usually won’t run into any issues even when you go up to say ±100 in which case you still have about 48 subdivisions per texel.

ps: you can use my UVViewer editor window in Unity to view your UV map inside Unity

Thanks for the answer its very helpful and also i think will try your UVViewer later. thanks for that too :slight_smile: