Is it free to develope with lego asset?

I wanna going to make a model with brickstudio 2.0( Studio Download [BrickLink] ) and develope game with unity studio.

but I dont’t know there are free or not.

Is that fine to develope commercial game with blickstudio 2.0 and unity?

Kinda, but not really. Assets in Studio use LDdraw assets which are licensed under CC,Attribution 2.0. However the Lego brand is trademarked, and some of elements may fall under copyright, so you could probably make a "brick" game but still could be risky. Also, it should be noted that using the assets from that library are... rough, they are meant to be rendered with ldview and such. if you just use the raw ldr data, you will get stuff like this:
6800426--788690--upload_2021-2-3_21-59-31.jpg 6800426--788693--upload_2021-2-3_21-59-51.png 6800426--788696--upload_2021-2-3_22-0-14.jpg
Often not connected, wide variations on polycount, some crazy high, some crazy low, decals are not images, they are mesh based, normals not defined accurately and no UVs. You either need to convert them or clean them up. Or find bricks elsewhere. It's not simple to just use studio/ldraw for bricks.

Several years back, I built as Lego Mini SW Ship game, and cleaning up the parts building a rendering subsystem was pretty time consuming to get something performant. Building Lego models in game can get pretty high poly quickly without some care. the raw ldr bricks can be 2-4k polys, so it doesn't take much to hit a hundreds of thousands of polys which most of the faces are actually hidden.

It should be noted that Unity does have a Lego project already, but I don't believe you can use the assets outside of that project.


I’ve been trying to find out about that ever since I saw it pop up in the new project window.
I can’t find if it’s just for messing around or if you can use it for commercial purposes under some restrictions or is there some way unity connects the developers with legos after reviewing a game submitted somewhere.

any idea on where such information is available?, full disclosure - i didn’t look too hard for that information, i’m in no rush to release a lego game, haha

When you try to open the microgame you will be presented with a license.


hmm… only opened it once and don’t remember seeing that, maybe it’s because of my editor layout?
thanks! (;

hey @zombiegorilla can I see that game somewhere?