Is it impossible to sort between 3D models in Unity?

Is it impossible to sort between 3D models in Unity? I’m currently implementing a compass on my screen, but the compass’s image is hidden by other 3D objects. Is there any way to see the red object at the bottom of the attached photo first?

Render the object on another camera that has a lower depth, and only renders the layer that the object is on.

The process would be to have 2 cameras, and make sure one camera renders(setting the culling mask) everything but the layer the compass object(red object) is on, and have the other camera only render the layer that the compass object is on. and set the depth one lower -2 for instance - and remember to set Clear flags as depth only for the camera rendering the compass.

i didnt properly understand your problem, what you can do is
you can remove mesh renderer of blue cube and if it has cube collider, it will still behave like a cube.

If the arrow and wall objects are hidden as they are rendered, I wonder if they can be sorted like a sorting layer for 2D sprites.