Is it necessary to buy unity plus license every month?

Hi all,
I am going to buy unity plus license this month. With this license i am going to publish my new game.
From next month i will not use unity plus license. Is it necessary to buy license every month?
For publish the game i want to buy license to use customise splash screen. After two months i will publish another game, at that time if i buy license to publish means , whether it is ok.
Sorry for my english.
Please help me in this.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you commit to a year whether you pay monthly or the 12 months up front as one transaction.

See here:

Now to your real question about the license and already published games(which doesn’t really apply unless you’re going to stiff Unity Tech by calling the payment company/cc/whatever) is that it wouldn’t make sense to kill the published game through some check due to the license expiring, what would happen to people that bought your game and ran it in 10 years, chances of the license existing are small and it would be really bad for the customer. So no, i don’t think it would harm the released/published game, but luckily i think the 12 month commitment is there for a reason or two. If the splash screen is your only reason for the plus license and you can’t afford the 12-month commitment. Just publish it with the free personal license instead.