Is it necessary to use both Javascript and C#

Maybe I don’t fully comprehend the syntax in using C# with the Unity Engine but it begs the question. Is it necessary to use both Javascript and C# or one would suffice. I know nothing of what I don’t know.

CAn the entire Unity Engine API be accessed equally either by the Javascript language or C# language?

Thanks CSDG

It is highly recommended to use one language all over the game. If you use both, you will have a lot of problem. e.g. How you call a function in another script that is written in another language. Using just 1 language is sufficient.

You don’t need to learn both, one should be sufficient. The main issue arrises when start using third party libraries which are written in a language which you aren’t familiar.

C# has a few more features than java script. C# also is a langauge that is much more widely used which means you can put it on your CV.

For those reasons I reccomend you start with C#.

Edit, some of the features:

So much you Javascript guys are
missing over here: functioning code
complete with built in documentation,
extension methods, LINQ, thousands of
online resources, etc, etc


Also worth mentioning that Visual Studio is many orders of magnitude better than MonoDevelop.

Basically, everything can be done in either JS/BOO/C#.

Well from my experience pretty much everything I’ve encountered is in Javascript. It mostly depends on what your doing, but you should be able to get around just using Javascript.

Yea I was afraid of that. I noticed the API documentation is lacking somewhat.

Thanks CSDG

Although I’m a C# fanatic, I think understanding both languages is important for a variety of reasons…

Tutorials are usually in JavaScript, some in C#
Pre-made scripts are in both languages. So if you end up using a really long script, its important to know what its doing, and it might not be in your language.

Being able to read (and code) in both languages I think makes you a better overall Unity developer, and will help yuo say if you work for a new company and they only do C#, when previously you were used to Javascript. Saying you know both languages increases your market language and development flexibility.