Is it noemal for license file to take a long time to download?

Okay, I usually don’t like to bother others, but this problem has me stumped.

Main Goal: Activate Unity Personal License

The Problem:
Firstly, I can never get the activation window to login to Unity’s server. The error I get states, “Something went wrong. not to worry, you can do this manually.” I go to the manual process, by saving a license request file. Then I go to the online manual website, and I loaded the file I have saved from my computer. I then answer the questions and clicked next, It then tells me to click on the download license, which I do, and the download link turns grey with the word “downloading…”, but I have waited over 6 hours and nothing has still happened. Is this the normal time it takes to download the license file?

silly me, all I needed to do was close out the old unity window and re-run Unity.