Is it normal for Unity to only show mesh colliders in green at runtime when they're static?

I quite like being able to see the mesh colliders that physx is using for models that i import. I guess they should just be the same as the render mesh if I don't specify different meshes, but still its nice to see the green mesh sometimes.

I've been experiencing the occasional problem of my objects falling through such an object, and went to look for the green mesh by doing

  • Select the object in the hierarchy that i want to look at
  • Start running the game preview in the editor
  • Look for the object turning into a bright green mesh in the scene view (not the game view)

However it didn't show up.

I've copied my project and had a bit of a play with it and it seems that only static physics objects (marked as static in the editor) seem to show up their green mesh as described above.

Could anyone else confirm this behaviour is the norm in Unity iPhone, or even normal Unity. I'm using Unity iPhone.


Using Unity free license 3.3, no, mesh collider doesn't show up. It only shows when I check "convex".

Still, it does work.
From Unity reference

Two mesh colliders doesn't collide unless one of those has "convex" checked.