Is it ok to copy and paste a gameobject across various scenes ?

I just wanted my player to exist in different scenes. I wanted to know if copying and pasting gameobjects across all the required scenes is the right way of managing the same gameobject between scenes.

If this is not the right way, could you possibly explain what I should be doing ?

How is this actually handled in game development ?

Thank you. Your help would mean a lot to me

No; the problem with copy pasting is if you change the Player/object in one scene, then you’ll need to repeat the copy paste in every scene every time; if you miss one or forget you’ll generate bugs.

Unity has a prefab system to solve this (it’s worth reading the docs on it). Create a new prefab in the project pane, drag the player gameobject hierarchy to the prefab, then drop the prefab into a new scene. If you make any changes, you can apply them (buttons at the top of the inspector), and they will be reflected in all instances of the prefab.

A complementary solution is to use multi-scene editing. For more complex projects it’s typical to have one or two scenes that contain common elements (the UI, for example), and keep them loaded whilst content scenes (level geometry, props etc.) are switched around.