Is it ok to remove all friction on a rigidbody character controller?

I just made a rigidbody character controller but it has one issue: when I jump into a wall and hold forward, it just sticks to the wall. The only solution I found so far has been to add a frictionless material to either the wall or the player. I just want to know if removing all friction from the player’s collider will have any bad effects. Drag/the player slipping around while moving is not an issue since the drag is supplied through a script.

Yes, you are spot on. It is pretty standard to remove all friction from a character controller for exactly that reason. It’s only a problem if you need friction for other mechanics in your game (ie standing on slopes), but you can work around that if you need to.

You may find you need to dynamically switch to a material with friction when the character stops, to prevent them sliding around, or use a separate collider for feet/sides of the character, one with friction, one without.