Is it posible to build a screen stabilizer for smartphone using Unity?

Hi to all,
I only have worked with custom plugin in unity. So I have never tried to make any sort of app… Basically I am really a total newcomer.

So the idea is pretty simple:
I would like to build an app, which would stabilize any kind of content on the screen, using build in front camera on the smartphone.
Camera should track person’s eyes movement in real time, so the app can compensate screen movement, if for example person reading text is looking down on the screen and the page is over, app could then automatically scroll the content up.

I guesse it could help some handicapped people to navigate in their phones.

So do you think it’s possible task for Unity?

Short answer: no. Unity isn’t a good fit for making an application that interacts with everything at the OS level (ie, no matter what app they’re in they get the benefit of your screen stablizer). iOS flat out won’t let you get that level of access even if you were to write it in Objective C. Android might, but you’ll be better off writing in the native framework since you’ll be accessing many of the system level APIs.