Is it possible for non-pro users to get parameter data from old custom events?

Is there any way for non-pro users to get the parameter data json custom events older than 48 hours?

My organization doesn't require Unity Pro, but we are using Unity analytics for a project.

I can see recent custom events in the event browser and can click on "View event content" to see the event json, but the browser only shows the last 48 hours of events.


Hi @larryPlayablStudios ,
You can visit the Data Explorer and select individual custom events over any date range, without needing a PRO license. The event browser is a debugging tool that's why the data shown there is limited.

Hope this helps!


@clarec_unity Thanks for the response. Yes, using the Data Explorer I can see graphs of my custom event and information about how frequently it has occurred, etc. However, I don't see a way to get the event content json like I can in the Event Browser so that I can see the values in the parameters. I need access to that parameter data to be able to understand what was happening in the custom event. Am I just missing a way to access the parameter data via the Data Explorer?

Hi @larryPlayablStudios ,

I believe what you're looking for can be found using the SQL Data Explorer. You'll be able to query all of your data there, and can see the EVENT_JSON per event, if you'd like. I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but the query could look something like this:

USER_ID = '[SpecificUserID]'
AND EVENT_NAME = '[CustomEventName]'```