Is it possible for Unity to fetch text from a chatroom? If so, how?

I’d like to create a Unity game that fetches text from a chatroom on and stores the text as a variable.

Here is the information needed to connect to a chatroom:

First, I’d like to ask - is what I’m asking for even possible? Is this something that the Unity engine is capable of? I’ve searched for guides on the web, but I haven’t had any luck. Even if I was told that it is possible, I wouldn’t know where to begin. If it can be done, how would I do so?

There are quite a few options on the asset store that will allow you to connect to IRC channels from within Unity games. Since allows you to connect to their chats through IRC you can use these plugins from the asset store to be able to connect to chats. Here’s one for example.

@EvaXephon you’ve likely solved this by now, but thought I’d chime in.

Shameless plug: my Twitch Chatter asset makes this process easy and comes with a number of included examples.

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