Is it possible for Vuforia to display the same scene when tracking different image trackers?

Hello! I’m building a Unity android/iOS app using Vuforias image tracker.
My problem is that I have one image target A and a different image target B, and I want the app to display the same objects on both image target A and B.

Is this possible without having two instances of the same scene in unity connected to two separate image targets? If this is possible, where should I start? I have tried to Google my way to an answer and posted the question in Vuforias forum aswell, but it didnt seem that active so I’m trying my luck here aswell.

Thanks for your help.

Found the problem myself, the issue was that at the start of the app, I move the content away out of sight, and with two of the same ObjectTracker script attached to two imagetargets, it was running twice, and therefore it never moved the objects back when tracking was found…
A bit embarrassing really :stuck_out_tongue: