Is it possible that colliders can be run through with too much force?

I execute an rigidbody.addforce(transform.forward * 5000) and this object runs right through a collider. How do I prevent this? I want the speed with which the addforce does.

Try to set the ‘Collision Detection’ of your game object to either ‘Continuous’ or ‘Continuous Dynamic’ as per your requirements as stated in this documentation for Rigidbody.

By default Unity uses Discrete collision detection for performance reasons but you can set it to either of the above two options if it is required as per your situation.

Just to tell you in the words of Unity,

“This has a big impact on physics performance, leave it set to Discrete, if you don’t have issues with collisions of fast objects”

Let me know if it solves your issue.

I’m not quite sure what you are trying to say but the unity physics system sometimes “bugs” out or behaves differently when using extreme numbers (in both mass and force). I haven’t tested this myself but take a look at this. It uses raycasts to detect collisions between fast moving objects.

Obviously this cannot be used in all setups , but i had a box collider at a certain piece of wall where the ball should collide to and certain points it also got trough the wall , i fixed this by sizing up the collider only and the ball didn’t get through anymore.

It cannot be done in all situations.

I m not sure what you wanna say but what m getting is that you are adding too much force to your object that it bypasses colliders. If m right then this is unity bug that happens many times but it can be handled by adding ray cast with your object

When ray hits boundary colliders then smartly slow down object speed which will prevent it from passing the colliders.

This is because your object moves too fast for your render rate.

Let’s say it moves at 1 meter per second and your game renders at 1 frame per second. Each frame your object will move 1 meter, if the collider is at 0,5 meters it won’t be hit because your object will be at pos 0 in the first frame and at pos 1 in the next. Obviously this numbers are just an example but they explain why your object never collides with certain objects, because it is never in that position.

To handle with this situations I suggest you to use raycasting in order to detect collisions with these fast rigidbodies, throw rays from these objects in order to predict the collisions instead of wait for hits

if(rigidbody.velocity.magnitude < 2001){
rigidbody.AddForce(transform.forward * 2000); //, ForceMode.Impulse); //Impulse didnt work

This has solved the problem. The limit also makes for a more human level of play.