Is it possible to add an animation to a mesh with no animations?

In my Assets folder I have 2 fbx files: one is the character with no animations (but he does have an armature) and the other is just the bare armature with animations that I want to put into the character. I’ve been trying to get the character to animate using the animations from the bare armature, and both armatures are exactly the same, but the most I’ve been able to do is get the character to deform, but not in a good way. Does anyone know if what I’m trying to do is possible, and if so, how can I fix my file to get it working?

Yes ,you can do it …by following this step

Suppose you have two character A and B.
I am telling you how can you transfer your Character A Animation To Character B.

1.first of all you need to make same joint on A and B character
2.Export character B in .fbx
3.Export character A with Animation in .fbx(Bake your animation on joint before export to .fbx)
4.import both A and B in unity Project.
5.Select Character B and convert it to humanoid .
6.Drag Character B into Hierarchy and select it
7.Create Animation Controller(Create>Animation Controller)and assign it to character B into Animation > Controller ( inspector)
8.Go to window>Animator (you will get new window )
9 Go to Character B in project and drag it animation to Animator and play
you will got what you required