Is it possible to assign a script that derives from MonoBehaviour from an external library?

I have an external library that I import a DLL from. Normally I can assign scripts from that library by finding the DLL in the project window, expanding it, and dragging the script onto the object that I want. However, I had a need to derive that script from a script that inherits MonoBehaviour, and not a MonoBehaviour itself, and in doing so, the script is no longer available in the project window.

MonoBehaviour -> MyScript

I have this:

MonoBehaviour -> MyBaseScript -> MyScript

Is it possible to use this script in such a manner? Or do all scripts in DLLs need to be immediately inherited from MonoBehaviour to be visible in the project window?

Thank you.

Not entirely sure what you are meaning, but if from what I understand is that you want to see your functions, datatypes etc from your dll, then no you do not need to inherit from monodevelop you simply need to put using customFunctions; (or whatever you .dll filename is). Put the .dll into a folder under the assets folder called Plugins.