Is it possible to build a dynamic game store for iOS?


By dynamic game store, I mean a Unity3D app for iOS that downloads and loads mini-games from a remote server. For a real-life example, please check PlayTales iOS app.


Kind of no. Not using Unity, not without some kind of extension anyway (like a LUA plugin - your own scripting language). The inability to JIT on the target platform is the problem.

You could load a mini game if:

  • All of the script already existed in the application, it was just the levels and the graphics you were loading
  • Your existing scripts could be configured to drive all of the mini games
  • You had/wrote a scripting language capable of describing the different interface of the mini game


Any progress on your Closure scripting language. Sounds totally awesome.

As for loading assets dynamically, when the minigame assets area downloaded in via www into the Unity (IOS, webplayer…), does it get stored permanently on the user’s machine?