Is it possible to build directly into samsung gear VR without detaching the phone first?

My machine does not recognise the phone, when the cable is plugged into the Gear-VR and the phone is in the Gear-VR. If I want to install an APK, I have to detach the phone first, plug the cable into the phone install the APK and plug the phone back into the Gear-VR. That’s a bit uncomfortable, since I have to do this like twice in 10 minutes for the whole day.
Is there a better way to do this for the moment, I guess the remote app won’t work, since it does not stream the camera, which I need.
Edit : Okay I tested with building over wifi, which works, but is pretty slow, in my case. It might be my wifi, but I’m still searching for a cable based solution.

Did you try unity remote ??