Is it possible to change the scene view navigation sensitivity?


Quick question about the Unity editor: When navigating around the scene, I often feel that I need more precision when trying to see something from a closer distance. I would right click and press the W or S key to move forward and backward, but just a quick tap would move the camera through the object that I am trying to inspect. Same goes for the mouse wheel. Even when holding the middle mouse button and dragging with the mouse, it feels too sensitive.

Is it possible to change the sensitivity somewhere in the editor? Or is there perhaps a file which Unity reads this information from?

Thanks in advance!

To expand on whydoit’s comment, if you select then snap-to an object (double-click, or ‘F’ in the Scene window,) then Unity seems to adjust navigation speeds to nicely view that object.

For parts of large objects (terrain,) adding little reference cubes seems to help pan/zoom rates stay under control.