Is it possible to control the order of a static's initialization?

I am aware that in order to create the idea of global variables, you need to use static … but I’d use static properties, not variables so I can capture the change events. What I was planning on doing is having a dummy object in the corner of my scene that contained all of my statics.

The question is, when the scene is loading, is there any way to force the dummy object to always load first? Is there a declarative I could use, or perhaps the object name that guarantees it’s first?

You don’t need a dummy object… statics work without objects… that’s the idea.
Just create your static class and that’s it. You can access it everywhere… no need for a dummy object.

how statics work in .Net and I’m assuming youre using c# scripts is they will get defined (initialized) the first time they’re used so you dont have to worry about initialization. However, if you’re using statics for something more than just constant values (consts are also static internally), using statics is not the best choice imo as it makes the code less testable and hard to maintain when the project gets big so I’d say its way better to use a Singleton pattern and define those global variable scripts as singletons, add them to an empty object in the scene and use script execution order (Unity - Manual: Script Execution Order settings) to ensure that your variables are initializes when they need to