is it possible to copy a mecanim layer?


I am making an fps and in my ignorance i used the base layer in mecanim to control my animations, and it’s working.Now, the problem is that the animations animate the full body. For what i want the head of the character should be controlled by wether the player is looking up or down. I know this can be done using avatar masks, but the base layer does not support avatar masks. Also my animations web is pretty complicated so i cannot just manually do that all over again.

Is there any way of copying a layer so i can change the mask?

thanks in advance,


Select all nodes in a layer. Ctrl+C. Create new layer, select it. Ctrl+V.

You can control the bone in your players head through scripting by setting it’s local transform rotation/position in the LateUpdate() function, this will update after the animation is applied so it gets rendered properly.
Hope I was quick enough to solve your problem before you did a lot of work :slight_smile: