Is it Possible to Create a App for a Minecraft Server using Unity?

Hey, Im a server Owner and Im not only just a server owner but a programmer. But one of the goals we have for our Minecraft Server, is to create an app for it. My first go to was Unity since I have made and programmed in Unity before. And now im questioning my self whether or not I can use Unity to make this app. So I guess what Im asking for is not only can I use Unity to create a app for my Minecraft server but also pull down information from the server such as, the amount of players on the server, the plugin dynmap, and create an in app chat.

Thanks for any replies or recommendations :smiley:

As long as the Server has an accessible API with the fields available for number of players and such then yes you can pull that into unity and consume that data.

My opinion is you cannot do a mod or a server.

  1. At least because of different game engines.
  2. Minecraft is written on Java, but Unity supports only C# and JS

But if you want to just do something like “dumb terminal” you can:

  1. Get players count and nicknames
  2. Get chat data
  3. Send messages
  4. Use commands
  5. Do a plugin dynmap

You can add accessible API by editing Minecraft Server code.

  1. Learn Java(!)
  2. Download Eclipse
  3. Decompile the server
  4. Edit
  5. Compile again
  6. ???
  7. PROFIT!