Is it possible to create a cartoon person with a Google Sketchup and import to Unity ?

I need a tutorial or something that can help me, in case someone can help me, thanks a lot !

Yes, it is absolutely possible. But I think you need sketchup pro for exporting (I’m not entirely sure though.) Most people use blender, zbrush or something autodesk, but I’ve seen a couple of examples of sketchup use in unity.

While SketchUp should be fine in terms of exporting the file (as has been pointed out already), I’d probably choose Blender or any other application. It’s not just because of being more powerful, but also because of the optimization of the model. Depending on how detailed you want the character to be, SketchUp will most likely produce a model that might be too unoptimized for real-time 3D applications. I use SketchUp mostly for architecture, but even there the models end up having more polygons than in most other applications (even with poly-reduction applied).

If the cartoon character should even have the slightest organic features, the toolset of other applications (e.g. Blender) will probably be better suited for the task. While there are plugins for SketchUp to do more organic modeling, it’s probably not as intuitive as Blender and co. (which boils down to being powerful again).

Someone know some tutorial for start in blender ? I did a download of blender and I just started to use, I Think a lot , I think all for help me.