Is it possible to create a new scene based on an existing one?

I am creating a puzzle game, the arrangements in a level are loaded from a file mapData.cs.

Can I write a script to create a new scene from an existing scene and use a different mapData.cs file?
If possible, is it feasible to automatically create a mapData file for each level and then load a new level every time the level is completed?

@Ady_M Thanks for your advice, I will use json file instead of cs file. In my case, when the scene starts, it will load the map elements from the json file (for example, the game soduku loads numbers from a data file containing a 2-dimensional 9x9 array). I want when the level ends, clicking the “next level” button can automatically create a new scene using a json file containing other data generated by the script when playing the previous level. Just like that, the game can run endlessly.