Is it possible to create a speed particle system to form into Text?

I'm wondering if its possible to create a Speed Particle system.


Thats forms into text, and How would I do this? If someone could possibly guide me through the best way of achieving this effect I would be grateful!

thanks - Caius

To make particles form into text:

1) Create mesh in the shape of your text (use the text function in Blender, for example) and use that as the particle emitter

2) In code, use Emit() to make some particles

3) Store the positions in an array ("implodeArray")

4) Do whatever funky math you like on the particle positions to make them go to the desired start location, and store those positions in an array ("explodeArray")

5) Lerp particle positions from explodeArray to implodeArray

You could then reverse the process by lerping from implodeArray to explodeArray

To make the particles "explode" away from the text like in the video, you could try to make a mesh of your text, and use the mesh emitter.

For the other way around, you'll have to take care of animating the particles yourself. You can do this by not including a particle animator component, and instead changing the positions of particles yourself. To do this, you'd need to know where you'd want all particles to move, so you'd somehow need to get yourself a list of positions of particles, that when all those points would be occupied by a particle, it would look like the text you're trying to display.