Is it possible to create proboolean feature like in 3ds max in unity 3d???

i want the users to be able to cut out one object with another object in game… it should be realtime and user should be able to move the second object in anyway he likes… it should also create cap on open areas… if this possible… please let me know the ways to do this… thank u!! in advance… :slight_smile:

It can be done with marching cubes, there are some assets in the asset store which lets you create voxel terrain, but not specially objects as far as I know. Anyway it can be done, but it requires some coding on your part. Maybe look at this post, there are some references for marching cubes, which if you code and change can do the behavior you would like. How to implement marching cubes in Unity with C# - Unity Answers

I´m sure it´s possible but it will be very hard because it´s not already done in Unity3d and it uses very hard maths. You should find some library that helps you do this, preferibly in C# (or whatever you use to script). I don´t know how fast you can make it but probably it will be hard to achieve it in a perfectly smooth runtime.

Also, read about the Mesh class in Unity3d: Unity - Scripting API: Mesh