Is it possible to customize the controls for looking around the scene the unity program?

I really don't like the controls for moving the camera around the scene while you're editing the scene. The alt+mouse button controls really don't make sense to me and are especially annoying with the mouse I'm using. So far it has caused many headaches and made getting anything done next to impossible. Maybe I just haven't gotten used to the way its set up, but I'd much prefer the ability to customize the way I look around the editor

You can use camera.current in editor scripts to get the scene camera, but that's read-only, so I suppose the answer is no. Unless there's some undocumented feature that allows it which I don't know about. You can use right-button+WSAD, or the arrow keys, to do fly-through navigation. But I'd suggest getting a proper multi-button mouse, as Unity's navigation is pretty typical for 3D apps, so it's not the only program a better mouse would be good for.