is it possible to display text as texture on 3d mesh or plane ?

I was thinking to make a 3d web page with unity, and first thing that come to my mind is how to display text information on 3d objects without using text converted beforehand in to texture.

If i do that, it will be problem with dynamic text, and i guess the text information will cost a lot more in form of texture when considering the bandwidth .

Generally speaking, Unity is not the best at dealing with text, especially in 3D.

The simplest way to get dynamic text to have perspective in 3D space would imply setting up to create/change an aligned 3D text object as appropriate. Every other solution would entail texture manipulation.

If you wrote something to decode truetype font information, you could use the vector coordinates for the given characters in the font or if you properly index the texture and material that the font asset is using (would take a little effort to reverse-engineer and figure out the coordinates that Unity is using for this) to adjust a texture2D at run-time (with GetPixels and SetPixels).

You could also more simply use the built-in GUI text stuff to create a text field rendered to a second camera that renders to a RenderTexture (Pro only) and then merge that RenderTexture into your Texture2D (with GetPixels and SetPixels). Also, you can turn-off the camera's rendering or at least only merge your RenderTexture on frames where the text field changes.

unity pro can render to textures, I haven't tried this but I bet you could have a second hidden camera, draw the text in a gui layer and render that camera to a texture at runtime.

if there isnt another option, i’d suggest you get a fonts picture as a grid, and use get-set texture to apply the letters onto the texture.