Is it possible to do automated asset imports on a headless server?

Is it possible to do automated asset imports on headless server? Preferable on a linux server because there cheap but if not then a Windows or OS X machine.

there is not any unity server (wether normal/headless) for linux. take a look at commandline options. there are commands for loading a project/unity package and then exit unity without openning the interface (headless). you should use -batchmode and -quit to run unity without interface and quit after doing the update. to update you have several options from loading data from asset server or loading a project (it loads/imports all new assets) or importing a package and even running a psecial editor script. if you use windows you can use -nographics to tell unity that it should not even load graphics device and in this way you can do your automated workflow on a windows machine without any GPU (graphics card). see the examples for more information.