Is it possible to drop Unreleased Changes?


Is it possible to drop (revert to a previous release) Unreleased Changes in a bucket using UCD-CLI or Develop Dashboard?


Yup. You should be able to promote that release to the bucket overwriting the current bucket state:

ucd releases promote [release_id] --target_bucket [target_bucket_id]

Thanks for the reply!

This creates another release that has the same content as the previous one. I suppose that it might be helpful to have something similar to “git reset”, that doesn’t create a new duplicate release record in the release history.

I'd be curious what value you get out of dropping unreleased changes. How does this factor into your workflow?

I suppose it might be useful in cases when a “faulty” set of files was pushed to a bucket by mistake and instead of creating a new release with these faulty files it might be better to drop\reset them and upload the correct version.

Assuming you have the full set of files you want to remain in the bucket locally, you can always run "ucd sync" with "--delete" which will delete any files from the bucket that don't exist locally. But I can definitely see the argument for the use case you're describing. Will follow up with our product team.

Any updates on a better way to do get ready of unreleased changes?

yup, just uploaded 800 faulty files, they sat in unreleased, now i dont know what to do. Be nice if i could just delete them wihtout deleting the original files as they unpublished.

One way around this is to create the release. Then go to your old release and promote it to the same bucket. Done.