Is it possible to edit an armature once it is imported into Unity?

I have a character mesh that I imported into Unity from Blender and have been working with for a while. I recently decided to add some animations to the eyelids that I did not have working before. In order to do this, I went back into Blender and added in some bones to control the lids’ position. When importing back into Unity I found that my character model was rotated incorrectly and none of the animations would apply.

I have reimported my model several times before with no problems, so I can only assume that the issue is the adding of these new bones to the armature. It seems that Unity treats bones as empty gameobjects. So I added some empty gameobjects with the same names as the bones and placed them to the position they would be in the hierarchy of my model. This kind of works, because I can see that Unity is animating the empties(bones) I added correctly when I click on them, however, my mesh is still stuck in the base position without any of the animations being applied.

Is there something I am missing about editing an armature in Unity?

Try selecting the mesh that the armature is connected to. Then rotate or edit the mesh to your desired effect.