Is it possible to export a big model FROM Unity to a 3d programm?

I want to export my model FROM Unity to do some additional work on it. The model consists of many parts and lots of them were renamed in Unity. Number of FBX files which are in the folder "Modeles" I don't need anymore(I don't know which ones) but they are still there.-)The same goes for textures. So to make a long question short: is it possible to export from Unity just what I see on the screen? Without exporting different fbx files and assembling them in a 3d app? Something like "export prefab as FBX"?

You could do that with an editor script, using this .obj exporter script as a starting point. If you want .fbx you'd have to figure out the .fbx specs and write an exporter for that.

There is also a nice Collada DAE exporter in the Asset Store