Is it possible to Export the Terrain together with Trees and Objects placed onto it into another Unity Project?


I was working for a Psychology Project at Uni in which I build a Forest in a pre-existing Unity-VR Project to test people’s sense of Orientation in a VR Forest Enviorment.
I thought I was almost done until the Professor gave me the idea that it would also be a good idea to measure the distance of certain points (not just the angle).
Well i tried implementing that and sadly the premade project does not use the standart of 1 Unity-Unit = 1 meter…
But there is also someone else working on cleaning the pregiven Project for an Eye-Tracker, sadly it is on a new Version of Unity and also I didnt had access before. His Project has the 1 Meter = 1 Unity-Unit though and it would be very practical to have that.
So now what I am wondering, since I spent quite some time on getting the Forest right, is it possible to import the Terrain-Piece together with painted Textures and placed Trees and other manually placed Objects into a new Project?
Or do I have to start from scratch?

You can put the scene, terrain data, materials, textures and meshes that are used all into a folder and copy it into another project.