Is it possible to fake Global Illumination within textures?

I am creating an almost entirely dynamic world, and as such, baking or even precompute baking is not a solution for me. I have also tried 3rd party real-time solutions and have not been satisfied.

At this point I have resolved to simply fake it by hand as best I can. But, is it even possible to fake bounce lighting within a texture? What channel would one use? Would it require a special shader? I’m not entirely sure baking it into the albedo is the best outcome.

You would take the indirect light (e.g. from a baked texture), multiply it by Albedo and write it to Emission. Emission is the only way other than actual light sources to add light to the deferred lighting system. Since you can’t use the indirect light from the lighting system, you would instead pretend that the surfaces hit by indirect light glow by themselves.