Is it possible to generate a printable image?

I neet to make a program (not a game, but since I’m familiar with unity I’d like to use it instead of learning java or something else from scratch, because it would take time)

I have to take some images and text, then save the info to a database, generate a sheet and print it to paper.

I know how to do most of that in unity, and I’m studying SQL for the database thing, but I don’t know if it’s possible to generate an image and print it with a printer. Is it possible? How?

thanks in advance for any answers

Perhaps Application.CaptureScreenshot() would work for you (note that it has a scaling factor argument for producing high-resolution output). I don’t think Unity is capable of sending an image directly to a printer, so you’d still have to print it yourself, but I don’t imagine that would be a problem.