Is it possible to get the same quality settings in WebPlayer like in the Unity-Editor (Game) Window?

Hej guys,

I tried a several things, i changed the QualitySettings for WebBuild, and also the Importsettings of the Textures (Automatic 16bit, truecolor, rgba… etc), but when I export the Game to WebPlayer, and make it FullScreen the Pictures (Sprites) look very ugly (fuzzy, edgy… strange).

In UnityEditors Gamewindow-Mode i can resize the Screen however I want, the Sprites still look good.

Could you may help me out with that?

by saying “i changed the QualitySettings for WebBuild”, do you mean you selected a --“default”-- quality level for the WebBuild ?

There is a small “down arrow icon” under each deployment platform column in quality matrix. You should click on the arrow under the web column and click on set as default. You will see a green checkbox in the web column. Now, it’s the default quality for web player.


How do you make it fullscreen? from Right-click Unity menu or some other setting in the browser itself?

If you are using the browser’s fullscreen, it may be scaling the game view by just filtering the pixels.

You should use right-click unity menu to go fullscreen.

I have found that the resolution used by the web player is actually tied to the stand-alone default resolution. Change that and see how it looks. This seems like a bug to me, but that’s the work-around that worked for me.

Try overriding your import settings, choose texture for 3d and GUI for 2d: qualities for webplayer like the image here: