is it possible to give only part of array through []

what I’m trying to do is not creating loads and loads of arrays but 1 BIG array and separate it by numbers so to say

my structure

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public struct ExpandRect {
	public void ExpandF(Rect FirstRect, ref Rect[] Expandable, ref float LastRectY){
		int i=0 ;
		for (; i<Expandable.Length; i++) {
			Expandable <em>= new Rect (FirstRect.x + FirstRect.width,  (FirstRect.y + Expandable<em>.height * i)  ,Expandable_.width, Expandable*.height);*_</em></em>

* }*
LastRectY = Expandable_.y + Expandable*.height;
# and I’m calling the structure*

public Rect[] SkillButtonRec = new Rect[200];_

public float SHeight = 20 ;
public float SWidth = 50 ;

public ExpandRect ExpaRec;

float lastpos = 0;

* ExpaRec.ExpandF(new Rect(0,0,SWidth,SHeight), ref SkillButtonRec[1 - 3], ref lastpos);*

* if (SkillNameb[0] = GUI.Toggle((SkillButtonRec[0] = new Rect(0,0,SWidth,SHeight)) ,SkillNameb[0], SkillName[0] )){*
// GUI.Toggle(SkillNameb[1], SkillName[1]);
// GUI.Toggle(SkillNameb[2], SkillName[2]);
// GUI.Toggle(SkillNameb[3], SkillName[3]);
Rect(0,0,SWidth,SHeight), ref SkillButtonRec[1 - 3], ref lastpos);
is what I’m trying to achive is it possible or I must create loads of arrays and call give them whole afterwords?
thanks in advance
yes I know I could use 50 times begin horizontal and begin vertical but that gives me headache especially for so complicated gui I want to have
this 1 step is easy to make with that but doing it 30 of them is different story

public void ExpandF(Rect FirstRect, ref Rect Expandable, ref float LastRectY, int start, int end)
for (int i=start; i<=end; i++)
Expandable = new Rect (FirstRect.x + FirstRect.width, (FirstRect.y + Expandable.height * i) ,Expandable_.width, Expandable*.height);
LastRectY = Expandable.y + Expandable.height;

And then when you call it, you’d do:
Rect(0,0,SWidth,SHeight), ref SkillButtonRec, ref lastpos, 1, 3);
By the way, you don’t need to use ‘ref’ when passing objects (non value types) - they are already passed as reference.
an array is always a reference type. float for instance is a value type._