Is it possible to give Patreon awards inside Unity?

It’s clear from the title what I’m trying to make here. I want my Patreon to provide some sort of award inside of my Unity game and check if this one is legit (If the user is a member of the Patreon & tier).

Let’s say, for example, that I have a Patreon with 2 tiers, the first one gives a 50 in-game coins award, while the second one gives a 100 in-game coins award. Inside the game, I want to add a button that if pressed, opens a tab (whether in browser or in-game) where you can log in to Patreon. Once logged in, it should verify the account and check if it is a member & tier. Finally, depending on the tier, it should award the player with their respective coins.

I’m asking here if it is possible to do such a thing because after a long search I couldn’t find any kind of connection between Unity and Patreon or a plugin that creates a bridge between them.
If this is achievable, I’d appreciate some explanation on this and maybe a guide that could also help me in creating this.

Well, if Patreon provides you with some web api that lets you query this stuff, then you should be able to talk to it, with either unity’s built-in web classes, or .net framework ones.