is it possible to have an Array of Arrays?

Is there any way I could have an array of gameObject arrays?


Updated due to my being an idiot and Eric pointing it out :stuck_out_tongue: - comments below.

Absolutely you can - or a List of arrays whatever in C#

 GameObject[][] gameObject = new GameObject[10][];
 gameObject[0] = new GameObject[5];
 gameObject[0][3] = someGameObject;

Or for lists in JS:

 import System.Collections.Generic;

 var listOfLists = new List.<List.<GameObject> >();
 listOfLists.Add(new List.<GameObject>());

 var myGameObject = listOfLists[0][0];


Ok so the real plan here is to create an array of levels that contain an array of waves, which contain an array of prefabs for the game objects to create - these need to be usable in the inspector.

Here is an example of that:

class Wave
	var name : String;
	var enemies : GameObject[];	

class Level
	var name : String;
	var waves : Wave[];

var levels : Level[];

// Use this for initialization
function Start () {

// Update is called once per frame
function Update () {