Is it possible to have more precise Input.mousePosition?

Hi guys,

I need to obtain display coordinates of the mousePosition b clicking “Fire1” button. The script is very simple, and I get what I need. But I would like the coordinates to be more precise.

Currently I’m getting smth like “x, y” or “x.5, y.0”, but it is important for the project to get something like “x.abcd, y.efgh”.
In some examples I’ve seen that this is quite possible, but I can’t figure out how.

Thanks in advance!

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class exmp : MonoBehaviour
	public void Update()
			Debug.Log(Input.mousePosition.x + ", " +Input.mousePosition.y);

Credits to derHugo from StackOverflow for the answer to my question. Hope it will be helpful to others.

Input.mousePosition indeed returns a
Vector3 with float values, though it
is in pixel-coordinates but also
returns inbetween pixel positions.

Anyway actually only the string
printing to the console is affected by
the lower precision because Unity uses
a custom ToString() implementation for
Vector3 and float which is supposed to
be better readable.

If you use those values for any
calculation it uses the pure float
values with an even higher precision
of ~6-9 digits.

For the printing checkout Standard
Numeric Format Strings and Custom
Numeric format Strings

You can e.g. use

Debug.Log(Input.mousePosition.x.ToString("0.0000") + ", " + Input.mousePosition.y.ToString("0.0000"));

or using "Fn"

Debug.Log(Input.mousePosition.x.ToString("F4") + ", " + Input.mousePosition.y.ToString("F4"));

in order to show a float value with a
precision of *always 4 decimals.

You can instead also use # for
optional precision so it is cut off if
the precision is not required e.g. for


the output will be