Is it possible to have perspective and orthographic objects viewed simultaneously?

Hi everyone, I am in the process of building a 2D game, using sprites on planes viewed from the side in orthographic perspective for the player and most of the scenes. for some scenes, I would like to have perspective backgrounds that move as the player moves from left to right, such as in this screenshot from Castlevania: symphony of the night:


It’s a bit difficult to see here, but the houses in the background are 3d and move as the player moves. Is this kind of thing possible using my method?

Never played casltevania, but I think I get the jist of what you want done. To me it does not look like a 3d model but a really good 2d background, but that being said I never played the game so I dont know for sure.

What you can do is attach the background buildings to the 2d sprint so that it will move with the player. If wanted add a delay or add and minus some x values to move the background a little more dynamically than just the parenting of it to the player which would just be a 1:1 movement ratio.

Hope that can get you on the right track

Ok, I’ve just found an answer to this question on another answer here:

"An alternative to single camera is to use two or more cameras. By default they will both render to the entire screen. You set the depth of the cameras to determine which one renders first, and you set the clear flags of the later camera(s) so that it keeps the image from the first camera as the background.

This approach has a disadvantage, that the two cameras won’t automatically move in sync. You may have to write a script to move the background camera (slowly) as the foreground camera moves with the player.

But this approach may occasionally be useful. Examples:

With the single camera solution, if the background plane needs to be very far away you might have issues with clipping planes and z-precision.
If parts of the background sometimes move independently of the foreground, for instance if they are on a vehicle and you want to show the background scenery moving by.
If you want to avoid interaction between the layers. For example, if there were objects that travel away from the camera and you find them running into the background plane.
I just thought it would be useful to mention this option. But I would start with the single-camera approach (alpine’s answer) and add more cameras only if you need to. I’m guessing you won’t."

I’ve just tested this, it works and it looks like it could have some interesting results. Remember to set the clear flag drop down on your highest cameras to don’t clear so that they have no backgrounds. you can effectively render as levels, like in photoshop. I suppose you could also use this to have a 3d GUI if you desired

Hi. Captain_Dando you said you found answer in other question, please can you link to it? Im searching for the shame thing