Is it possible to insert a static variable into a text component's text field without using a script to do so?

I’ve recently created a text system for one of my projects and want the text to be able to display static variables within the text (e.g. “You have [Static variable for coins] coins!”). However I can’t create a script that does this, as it wouldn’t be compatible with the text system. The only way I could think to do this without completely remodelling my text system would be to input it in a text field in the Inspector.
So is this possible? Can you reference a static variable (or any variable for that matter) from within the inspector?

No, static term is used to call a variable using scripts only. You can’t insert a static variable in the editor without scripts. There are two things you can do make the variable none static and make a reference for it(if you are making a variable static to call it in a static method simply make the method non-static and the variable as well and make it references, in other script to call it). In your case if you don’t want to make it non-static you need to reference the game object with text get the text component and then do the: MyText = "Text" + StaticVariable.ToString(); So basically you need to use a script.